Healing looks different for every one of us.

How you work on your past trauma is entirely up to you. If you’re unsure where to begin, it might be helpful to see a menu of resources, modalities, practices, and psychedelic options available. That’s precisely the intention behind this site; welcome to MyHealingMenu.com.


Choose Your Course.

An accompaniment to HEAL to LEAD by Kelly L. Campbell, this one-of-a-kind resource is by no means an exhaustive library. All menu items are categorized as Appetizers (Cerebral Resources), Sharing Plates (Therapeutic and Integrative Modalities), Entrees (Somatic Practices), and Dessert (Plant Medicine and Psychedelics*) to help you navigate the multitude of options available. Start your exploratory journey by selecting from the categories below. And remember to go slow and be gentle with yourself. 


Cerebral Resources

Books and podcast episodes, binaural beats, online courses, apps, support groups, and information about your origin and human composition. 

Sharing Plates:

Therapeutic + Integrative Modalities

Types of trauma-informed professionals, therapies, bodywork, energy work, and spiritual assistance.


Somatic Practices

Traditional and holistic movement practices with the breath, body, and mind, as well as options designed to regulate the nervous system.


Plant Medicine + Psychedelics*

Mostly natural (some synthetic) psychoactive substances taken in macro or micro doses—if not contraindicated for your health. 

Meet Kelly

Kelly L. Campbell (they/she) is the author of HEAL to LEAD: Revolutionizing Leadership through Trauma Healing (Wiley), a radical new book on transforming trauma into innate leadership power. They are a certified Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach, empowering self-aware visionaries to correlate their past wounds to their leadership style—transforming the way they lead, live, and love in the world.

She writes for Entrepreneur, has written for Forbes, and on her Substack, “The New TLC: Trauma, Leadership, and Consciousness.”

An inspiring keynote speaker, Kelly is also the founder of Consciousness Leaders, the world’s most diverse and equitable speaker collective, helping organizations create lasting positive change and drive lasting results.


Additional articles on trauma, leadership and consciousness, which also appear at klcampbell.com. If you like what you read, consider subscribing to THE NEW TLC on Substack.